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Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets at times require high tolerances and our steel rule dies can be made to within +/- .005 inches. Steel rule dies made in our shop are used to cut many different types of gasket and seal material, even heavy or dense materials. Our dies are used to cut from rolls or sheets on a variety of machine types.

Die bases made of wood, steel, aluminum, rayform, polycarbonate, and stainless steel are available. To improve steel rule die performance, reduce your set-up times and create combination dies, we can add certain features; such as knock out and interior features or weight-reduction cut outs. Also, ejection rubber can be water jet cut in a variety of thicknesses and durometers to provide optimum ejection of finished parts from the cutting die. Welding joints directly or adding a cleat weld to the joint can be done for added strength. Brazing can also be added to help reduce or eliminate nicks at the joint.

Key Dies can supply your in-house die shop with laser burn-only boards as well as pre-bent replacement cavities and steel rule sections for replacement in your die shop. We also provide reverse engineering of supplied parts and cutting of prototypes and material samples using our water jet system, laser system or CAD cutting table.

Steel rule dies can be maintained for many years by inserting new rule into existing dies. Most dies made in any shop can be re-ruled at Key Dies as long as the die board is in good condition. Give us a call today!

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